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Verbatim - For more than 50 years, Verbatim has built a future that seamlessly integrates technology in ways that improve how people everywhere live, work and play. As a pioneer in the development of floppy disks and optical media technology, we continue to lead the industry with an extensive selection of data storage devices, computer peripherals, gaming solutions and LED lighting technology, all renowned for their exceptional quality, performance and reliability. Verbatim is technology you can trust – every day.

Verbatim has recently launched its growing range of quality mobile and IT accessories to further expand its target audiences. As technology advances, laptops and portable devices are becoming necessities for our daily life and work. Whether is it your smartphone, tablet or laptop, there’s one common task that all of us would need to do daily, that is to effectively charge the devices at a fast speed.

Verbatim has launched a range of quality chargers and cables to cater to various charging needs. The range of chargers comes with various powerful features and technology, for example Power Delivery, Qualcomm Quick Charge, Programmable Power Supply. These chargers are targeted especially at busy consumers who seeks fast charging with ease of mind. Besides premium chargers, Verbatim delivers to consumer a series of “Toughmax” charging cables to enhance the charging experience.

Verbatim Smart, Safe and Powerful Chargers

Verbatim charges are engineered with Smart Charging Technology, to optimize the current output for your smartphone, tablet, camera, and portable battery, while charging multiple devices simultaneously. This allows consumers to shorten the charging time.

Verbatim charges are designed with Advance Protection Systems (APS). APS features on charges allow for protection for situations where there are over current, over voltage, short circuit and even at times over temperature. Our selective chargers are made with flame-resistant material and certified with multi-national safety standards*, including IEC62368 (H.K.), FCC (U.S.), CE (EU), E1703 (Australia), Safety Mark (Singapore), KC (Korea) and RoHS certificates. It is also covered Global Product Liability Insurance, providing peace of mind.

Verbatim design a range of chargers with varied capacity ranging from 20watt to 100 watt and there are more 200 watt powerful charges to be launched in 2022.

Verbatim ToughMax Cables - Reliable & Durable

Verbatim ToughMax Cable Series are fortified with premium durable material and it is built to last. ToughMax cables are fortified with DuPont TM Kevlar® Material, a heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibre which are used in applications like race car tires and bulletproof vests.

This material is sometimes compared to be 5 times stronger than steel. DuPont™ Kevlar® Aramid bulletproof fibre wraps the pure copper core. The outer layer is a double-layer of nylon braided material. Verbatim ToughMax series includes Apple Lightning (officially MFi-certified) cable and the latest USB-C™ cable, which is ideal for charging smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Besides focusing on materials used, Verbatim also enhance the durability of the cables by providing more support in jacket between connector and cable. The jacket between connector and cable has passed 35000x bending laboratory test taken by SGS, an international & independent inspection, testing and certification company.

With compatibility assurance, these beautifully designed cables allow you to transfer pictures, music and while simultaneously charging devices. Made from high-quality materials, and designed to reduce tangling, and complete with a cable organizer, Verbatim wishes to provide a premium series that is well designed to fit the current consumer lifestyle. Verbatim ToughMax Cables are also sold in different colours, available in black, grey and gold.

Other Range of Accessories Products

Verbatim adds a variety of other lifestyle essentials to their extensive product offering. This includes ultra Slim and feather-light power banks, 8in1 Type C Hubs and True Wireless Earbuds. The range is specially built to address the changing consumer lifestyle towards more digital usage and mobility.

* certificates may vary for different models, due to local market requirements

About Verbatim

Globally recognized, Verbatim’s products are sold in over 120 countries with a line-up that includes Optical Storage Media, USB Drives, Memory Cards, Hard Drives, Solid State Drives (SSDs) and Mobile Accessories. Verbatim’s R&D strength and technology leadership combined with its demanding quality control during the manufacturing processes guarantees first-class products and Technology you can Trust.

From its foundation in 1969, Verbatim has shaped the development of data storage technology. In Latin verbatim means “word for word”, and has been used since the company's founding to illustrate the principle of accurate, error-free recording of data.

From floppy disks and magneto-optical storage to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray media, to external hard drives, flash memory cards, USB drives and SSDs - the extent of Verbatim’s extensive portfolio and influence in the storage industry are unrivalled.

With a global footprint that spans over 120 countries in six continents, Verbatim’s key regions are Asia/Pacific (APAC), Europe, the Middle East & Africa (EMEA) and The Americas. For further information, visit

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