14 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Selling

Ready to upgrade to a bigger house? Here are some tips to prepare your home for selling.

14 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Selling
14 Tips To Prepare Your Home For Selling

Upgrading your current HDB flat to a bigger home is a huge decision that a family makes. As the family expands, naturally you will need a bigger home to cater to everyone’s needs. Most people without a big budget will normally sell their 3 or 4 bedroom HDB flat in order to buy a 5 bedrooms resale HDB flat or you can consider condominiums in Bukit Batok if you have the budget. In order to sell your home, you will need to do some preparations. This article will guide your through some tips to prepare your home for selling.

1. Clean Your House

I cannot stress this enough as this is the most basic rule: cleanliness. Many people overlook the basic rule of keeping their house in a clean condition. This includes both the inside and the outside. Clear the garbage, sweep and mop the floor, clear the mess, make sure the pathway is clear of unwanted objects. Keep your unit clean, tidy and clear of obstruction.

2. Odorless

Make sure your house is free from any unwanted or unpleasant smell. Avoid cooking something suwith strong scent that will linger around your house, such as bacon or fried chicken. You definitely do not want to have your home smelling like fast food chain or hawker center.

3. Clear The Clutter

You definitely do not want the buyers to focus on the mess and clutters you have at home. Not only it looks messy, it also decreases the likelihood of people buying your house. Keep the pathway clear from any clutter. Make sure you dispose the garbage in a proper way.

4. Repaint

Choosing the right paint, the right color makes a huge difference. Using the right paint can instantaneously revive and brighten your initially dull looking unit. Hence, choose a color that will brighten up your unit or a color that adds a touch of liveliness for your unit. Nobody wants to come back to a place where it further brings down the already-tired-from-work mood. Make sure to use only good quality paint as well to protect your home and will certainly last you a few years. If you are unsure of which color to choose, you can always ask for advices from the stores, as most stores offer a wide variety of colors for you to choose from and they will be able to advise you on the matching of the color that suits your house theme.

5. Keep Decoration Simple

Avoid having exaggerated furniture or painting. You want the buyers to feel like home when they visit. You may keep the classic artwork or painting but you might want to ditch anything exaggerated or improper from your home. Keep the decoration at home simple.

6. Remove Personal Items

Remove anything personal from the house, such as photo album or family photos from your table or refrigerator. This is to allow the buyers to envision themselves being the homeowner.

7. Natural Sunlight

Let the natural sunlight comes in by opening the window. Brighten up your space. This will also enhance your house decoration and bring out the best out of it. In addition, natural sunlight will make your space appear bigger than it is.

8. Keep Potted Plants Indoor

You can also have a pot or two potted plants to bring energy in your house. Just small-potted plants will do and you can place them at the corner of your house. Just make sure that the plants are free from bugs.

9. Remove Bulky Furniture

If your space is small, you will need to consider removing big and bulky furniture, as bulky furniture tends to make the space appear smaller.

10. Organize The Closets

Use storage box and dividers to keep your things organized. Remove unwanted things and organize your closet. This will allow the buyers to think you have sufficient storage at home.

11. Fixture and fittings

Kitchen and bathroom fixtures such as faucets, sinks, door knobs can get old quickly or even outdated. Consider changing fixtures that have been around for more than 5 years. Take the design and quality into account as well when you are changing them. The positioning of fixtures and fittings play a major role in boosting up your house value as well. Nothing annoys the people more than having a fixture placed at a very odd and inconvenience location, for example, toilet paper holders located at an unreachable location.

12. Turn Bathroom Into Spa

You may also turn your bathroom into a spa. Moreover, it costs not more than $30 to create a relaxing and luxurious bath. You can buy scented candles, bathmats, and towels from Ikea at affordable prices. Remember to buy coordinating colors that match the theme of the bathroom.

13. Comfortable Living Room

People spend most of their time relaxing in the living room after a long day of work. Therefore, you could beautify your living area to make the buyers feel at ease whenever they are at the living room. Help the buyers to picture themselves enjoying and relaxing themselves at the living room. Rearrange the position of your furniture if you need to.

14. Make Something Nice

If you have the time, you could even bake some treats for your potential buyers. A simple brownies or cookies is enough to make the buyers feel welcome. If you are not a baker, you could buy some snacks from the bakery or supermarket.

In conclusion, these are some tips that you could follow to prepare your home for selling. Most importantly, they are definitely affordable and do not require major renovations that would break your bank account. You will be blown away on how much of a huge difference it can make if you follow all these tips. There are also many articles out on how you can prepare your house for selling.
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  1. Terima kasih tips yang dikongsi kak Ana...kadang hal kecil tapi bagi pembeli ianya hal besar dan sensitif..sebab setiap sen yang dikeluarkan besar nilai pada apa yang ingin bakal tuan rumah miliki.

  2. Good sharing Ana, Kak Sue suka part keep potted plants indoor tu.. tengah nak usahakan nie kat rumah Kak Sue.. ehehe..

  3. Nice tips sis... btw header baru ya....

  4. Tips yang baik untuk mereka yang ingin menjual rumah. Selalunya baca owner rumah selekeh. Bolehlah ikut tips yang dikongsi ni.

  5. Very good tips ana. Mana mmg suka kalau Ada elements pokok hidup Dan ikan Dalam rumah

  6. Terima kasih, sedikit sebanyak bagi ilmu kepada saya yang tak tahu ni

  7. Bagus tips ni...nak jual rumah pun kena betul2 kan. Baru lah mudah terjual nt

  8. Perkongsia yang bermanfaat.. Nice Ana..

  9. Good tips but I harap tak pindah pindah lagi.. penat banyak.tenaga nak digunakan..

  10. Banayk kerja nak di buat kalau nak pindah kan ana

  11. Bila dah ada rumah sendiri ni, rasa tak sampai hati nak jual. Tapi disebabkan rumah sekarang ni management issue nya banyak betul, terasa jugak nak cari rumah baru dan jual je rumah yang duduk sekarang ni

  12. Good tips ana..kak fiezz kena alert beberapa tips kat atas ni sebab dalam proses nak jual rumah cadangnya tapi lupa basic tips yg ada mention kat sini..bila baca entry ni, 'eh..tak buat la yang ni'..aiseh...

  13. wah too much list. sedangkan menyewa pun banyak benda nak settle, ni kan lagi nak jual rumah. apapun thanks kak ana for the tips. it's really good for my future reference. buat masa sekarang belum lagi rasa nak jual sebab investment kan.

  14. Indeed before we sell our house make sure it clean for second owner to own it..br lah org senang hati nak beli kan?

  15. Tips yang bagus. Double cek pun penting. Setiap keputusan kena fikir dua tiga kali. lepas tu nak jual rumah jangan menipu pembeli. Kalau ada fasiliti tak da di kawasan tersebut jangan ikut dalam senarai pemaju plak. mcm rumah sedara ruby. cakap ada swimming pool, gimnasium. Tapi nan hado. Masa nak melawat kawasan, cakap takda akses kad la apa la bla bla. Then jual harga pasaran kemain kebabom mahal. Nasib baik peguam uruskan. So pentingnya peguam dalam meguruskan dokumen black and white bertulis dan sign. Hehehe

  16. Terima kasih atas tips-tips tersebut , yang bakal dalam proses nak menjual rumah , boleh baca tips2 ni kan . Nak jual rumah mestilah dalam keadaan bersih sedap mata memandang, kebersihan pun terjamin barulah pembeli pun berminat

  17. it's not so easy to sell a house.. - jmr23.com

  18. Tadi terbaca kar blog Ruby tips untuk membeli rumah bagi orang yang baru nak beli rumah apa perlu mereka rancang kat sini pula tips sebelum menjual rumah hehehehe kalau di satukan bagus juga ni...

  19. Bagus info ni... tips ini memangs angat penting dan memeang semua owner rumah kena ambil tahu

  20. Tips yang bagus. Ada tak tips memiliki rumah baru! Ika ingat nak beli rumah!

  21. Good tips. Thanks for sharing. Dalam cadangan nak upgrade rumah jugak ni. Tapi sayang dengan rumah yang ada sekarang 😊

  22. Thank you for the tips. Hope everyone can buy a good home in future

  23. Is not easy to buy a house and it also not easy to sell a house. maintain a good condition of the house is important before selling so the buyer will not push down the price. good tips.

  24. Thanks Ana for the tips. Certainly will come in handy - if I have a home. Haha.

  25. Nak jual rumah... rumah pun masih menyewa lagi.. dok tgu bila la owner rumah nie nk jual rumah

  26. tq for sharing kak ana. sngt brguna untuk smua.


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