Sunshine Blogger Award - tagged by Anis_Flavnesz and Anum Abdullah


I was doing my routine blogwalking when I found that I was nominated by Anis_Flavnesz and Anum Abdullah  in Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you dear for tagging me and I feel honoured to be part of the sunshine.❤❤ 

** Please be noted that Eng is totally not my forte. Since this is my very first time writing in Eng, a lot of grammatical errors can be found. #siscuba

The rules:

1. Thank the person(s) who nominated you in a blog and link back to their blog. 

2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you. 

3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions. 

4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or on your blog. 

Question from Anis:

1. Introduce yourself by stating 5 randoms fact about you. 

• having claustrophobia after 2014 cases but manage to get myself on board for many times
• addicted to kimchi currently ( i used to hate it before) 
• wearing high-heel is my big weaknesses
• try to be more creative but end up with nothing created or change 
• some of my relatives call me Ning because of my "Jawanese"

2. The first impression when you found my blog.

Impressed because it was an English blog. In my blog list I can say less than 3 blogs are English blog. I just love the way you deliver your idea in writing and it help me to improve my vocabulary. 

3. If your life is a novel,  what would the title be? 

Life of day dreamer... I guess! 

4. What makes you confident? 

When I have my family beside me!! 

5. What is your fantasy dream? 

Having a "Poket Doreamon" so that I can go to any destinations i dream of for FREE and faster than anything else. Save money and time! #bajetciputselerabesar

6. What is your favorite thing about earth?

The mother nature itself because it make me wonder how great the Creator is and how small am I in His world. 

7. How would you spend your Me time?

Since now I am a fulltime housewife and having one active handsome boy, i have lost my Me time about 3 years ago. Sob sob. To have a "privacy me time" (in bathroom to be clear) also "GONE" as he will wait outside (after ensure that the door is not lock) with so many question for me to answer during that privacy time. 😭😭 #dilemaseorangibu

8. Between the moon and the stars,  which one would you pick and why?

The moon that light up the darkness of the night. 

9. Who could inspire you the most?  And why? 

Prophet Muhammad PBUH for sure. He is the best perfect role model for all mankind.

10. First thing you notice in a person? 

His/her face because everything start with face impression. You know the next step then.

11. A song that describes you.

Tbh I can't find one that suit me.  #penatpikir

Question from Anum:

1. Do you like business?  Why? 

I do love doing business. In fact, I have been involved in business since I was kid until now. The thing I love about business is it help me a lot in developing my communication skill on how to deal with people. Making profit is not a matter to me as long as everyone is satisfied.

2. List of 5 places that you never go?

I have no answer for this Q because I love to travel. My dream is to travel around the world with my whole family.

3. Do you like Malay drama?

So-so. Last drama series I've watch was Imam Muda ku Romantik.

4. Who is the one you always stalked at the social media??

No one. 

5. What are the gadgets you like??

Camera and hand phone for sure. But I'm not so into gadget.

6. What is your favorite color, food and drinks?

Currently I was obsessed with gold, black and grey as well. My favorite food is always my mom dish. She is no 1 chef in my heart.

7. Are you good in cooking?

Tbh, I start cooking when I have Syafi. I still learning now and I'm proud with my achievement so far. #sismasihmencuba

8. Who are you?

I'm a full time house wife, doing freelance job in accounting and auditing, based in KL. 

Having one little boy who cum as my BFF. Love to travel and JJCM.

9. List of Malaysian best song?

A lottttttt. But my all time favorite song was 90's song. #tangkaplelehVSrockkapak

10. How often do you update blog?

Everyday since last 3 months. Yeeeaaahhhh. 

11. What would you do if you are a popular blogger??

Stay humble and appreciate everyone who support me. #sisberangan #sistaksombong

Now these are my questions:

1. One BEST word to describe yourself.

2.  What is the BEST achievement you proud of?

3. If you have a chance to go travel for free, where would you go? why?

4. Between winter, spring, summer and autumn which one would you choose and why?

5. Any habits do you have?

6. What do you find attractive in people?

7. What is you favorite Disney caharcter?

8. Are you saving or spending?

9. On scale 1 - 10, how friendly you are?

10. Between cockroaches and lizard, which one you afraid most?  

11. What do you expect from blogger friends about your blog?

My Sunshine Blogger Award goes to:

❤ Lady in Red Planner
❤ Kak Fuzy
❤ Mrs Pip
❤ Busyra Takiyudin
❤ Wani Sukarno
❤ Ira Zulkeffele
❤ Elsa
❤ Husniey Hussain
❤ Mrs A
❤ Nour Adieb
❤ Nadia Md Radzi

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  1. Love to travel and JJCM... seronoknya sis dapat makan macam-macam... saya ni cerewet sikit bab makan.. hihi

    1. Suami ana cerewet juga. Tapi kalau terpaksa, takde pilihan lain lah. Kena juga makan. Hehe

  2. thanks kak ana sudi jawab soalan kita..

  3. Ooo baru tau akak nie berdarah Jawa.. Hihi saya pun kalau ada poket ajaib Doraemon memang senang lah hidup nie... =)

    1. Darah jawa jer tapi tak reti cakap jawa pun πŸ˜….

      Kan. Senang hidup kalau ada poket Doraemon tu. Hehe. Fantasi semasa kecil 😘

  4. waahhhh elsa pun tercalon dekat sini jugak hakhak. thank you kak ana :* In Shaa Allah Elsa akan jawab nanti tau tau. best baca jawapan2 akak!

    1. No thanks Elsa. Sudi-sudilah jawab ye soalan kak ana tu 😘😘

  5. Fuyohhhh finally berjaya pun akak post entry English hehe. Tak suka kimchi buat la macam mana pun kah2 (padahal tak pernah rasa pun). Lagu rock kapak is the besttt. Selalu dengar suria cinta dekat suria fm haha.

    1. Perghh berpeluh kot nak tekan butang publish tu. πŸ˜…

      Try lah sekali. Mana tau kena dengan selera awak kan. 😊

      DJ lin suria fm tu kak ana dgr dari red 104.9 lagi tau. Tp lagu zaman 90an memang terbaik bagi kak ana πŸ‘

  6. Suka tengok entry ana pasal travel.. hehe.. ehh Ana jawa dari mana ya??

    1. Moga entri tu bermanfaat buat semua ye Dilah. 😘

      Ana asal Selayang. Atuk dari Meru, Klang. Atuk nenek Ana memang jawa.😊😊

  7. Replies
    1. Travel tak pernah tak best Zaf 😘😘

  8. Yayy akak dah jawab.. hehe.. Well I love our mother nature too.. xD
    Tapi yang delima seorang ibu, hmm, it's became a delima seorang maksu in my case.. haha

    1. Mother nature never fail to amazed people. 😍

      Haha. Nak buang hajat semua rasa terbantut. Nak kena cepat2 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Ingat dah besar ok dah. Rupanya sama jer 😭😭😭

  9. Thank you my dear Ana for tagging me 😍.. Kalau ada masa LZ join, tapi maaf kalau tak join jangan kecil hati tau.. Segmen ni kena fikir panjang baru boleh jawab, hehehehe 😁

    1. Its ok LZ. Ana tak kisah pun. Saja memeriahkan segmen ni sebenarnya 😘😘. Don't worry πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

  10. #dilemaseorangibu boleh bayang aksi anak Ana kat luar pintu bilik air. Hehe.

    Ana suka travel dan bestnya travel!! 😍 And I want "Poket Doraemon" too! 😁

    1. Asal nak ke bilik air jer kena bgtau dia pintu tak kunci. Bukti kena keluarkan satu jari keluar 😭😭.

      Best kan kalau ada poket doreamon. Boleh pergi mana2 dengan satu pintu jer 😘😘

  11. erkk..ahhh...tersedak kejap...jenuh la nak perbetul ayat haha tapi akan akk sahut untuk Ana..hehe

    1. Minum air cepat2 kak. Lepas tu boleh start karang ayat.

      Terima kasih sahut segmen ni. Sayang akak ketat2 😘😘😘

    2. yg payah kalau berbintang Virgo ni...cerewet xbertempat haha..tunggu naaa..sayang Ana jugakk xoxo

  12. Wahhh..hebatnya Ana tulis in English kalau Kak Sue tak tau lah,berterabur..hahaha..lagi satu Kak Sue memang suka travel juga..harap ada lah rezeki Kak Sue travel dengan keluarga..aamiin! :)

    1. Simple Eng bolah lah kak sue. Tu pun banyak error. Hehe.

      InsyaAllah kak sue. Semoga impian kita untuk travel dengan family tercapai. Amin 😘

  13. Wahh banyak yg kita boleh kenali seseorang dari award ni, hihihi. Btw, Mai pun geng rock kapak tangkap leleh juga kak Ana. :P

    1. Yeahhh ada geng lagi. Fav kak ana lagu2 zaman tu. Maklumlah membesardengan lagu2 tu semua. Dulu siap ada buku penuh dgn lirik lagu tau. Mana ntah hilang. Sayang betul πŸ˜…

  14. alamakk.. nama busyra tercalon tu. hehe. tq kak ana, rasanya mai pun ada tag busyra. tp tak smpat nak jawab skrng ni. busyra busy cri keja n p interview.. doakan busyra dapat kerja kak anaaaa. :)

    1. Takpe Busyra. Bila2 free boleh lah jawab. Kalau tak sempat pun takpe. Kak ana saja jer tag semua tu. 😊

      Good luck dear. Semoga dipermudah segala urusan dab semoga berjaya dapat kerja yang sesuai. InsyaAllah 😘😘

  15. Hahaha sis suka berangan 😝 takpe sis berangan tu percuma kan kan kan. Heee terima kasih tag nanti Ira cuba jawab nak kena mengarang dulu ni hahhaha 😘

    1. Berangan tu antara permulaan untuk next step. Hehe ayat cover line 😊😊

      Karang jgn tak karang. Tak sabar nak baca 😘

  16. Hahaha.. Dilema seorang ibu.. bermula saat si kecik pandai berjalan dan bercakap.. ohsemlah.. makin mengenali Ana..

    1. Tu lah pasal. Ingt dah besar senang lah sikit. Tapi lain pula perangainya. Sabar jer lah. Hehe. 😘

    2. Makin besar, makin banyak ragamnya Ana oi..
      Esok2 dah sekolah, lagilah..

  17. Haha so cuute bila pegi toilet pun ada orang tunggu akak keluar untuk soal siasat eh. Selalu jugak terbaca bila dah jadi ibu, no more me time. Hihi

    1. Kalau time keluar dia tanya kak ana ok lagi. Ni time kak ana dalam toilet tu dia tanya macam2. Haru di buatnya 😘

  18. terim kasih pilih sy kak Ana. sy dah jawab semua soalan kak Ana πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰

    1. Terima kasih sudi jawab. Kak ana dah baca 😘😘

    2. best juga main jwb soalan ni. terima kasih baca, kak ana


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